June 25 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By June 25, 2019 Insight

1. Startups Turn To Traditional Advertising For Attention

  • while Brex does place Facebook and Instagram advertisements…thinks that paid online advertising is overpriced, another reason behind using outdoor options
  • company’s moving billboards are another example of how innovation has driven advertising beyond static signs or online ads
  • impact analytics and a wider reach than digitally-native advertisements, which is contributing to the “revolution of outdoor spending.”

2. How to build disruptive strategic flywheels

  • Gaming, artificial intelligence, and deep learning are paving the way for dynamic and resilient 21st-century business models
  • As industries are disrupted, players that have been successful within the context of one business cycle might need to rethink their differentiating capabilities, their investment portfolios, and possibly even their WTP more frequently and dynamically
  • In the new age of disruption and uncertainty, they consist equally of aiding high-velocity and high-quality decision making every day, leveraging digital and advanced techniques, and helping the organization become a learning, agile, and resilient one

3. Modular construction: From projects to products

  • Modular (or prefabricated) construction is not a new concept, but technological improvements, economic demands, and changing mind-sets mean it is attracting an unprecedented wave of interest and investment
  • Construction is one of the world’s largest sectors, so a profound shift in the sector can have a major impact on global economic productivity—and recent modular projects have already established a solid track record of accelerating project timelines by 20 to 50 percent
  • industry is adopting new, lighter-weight materials as well as digital technologies that enhance design capabilities and variability, improve precision and productivity in manufacturing, and facilitate logistics

4. Malta to Register All Rent Contracts on Blockchain

  • initiative ensures security, prevents record tampering, and ensures only authorized persons can access the records
  • the distributed ledger prevents the possibility of there being contracts in place for which there is no record
  • showing people the added value of this technology through applying it to something which they will use in their daily lives…shows how the digital transformation will affect their lives

5. Gartner finds RPA is fastest growing market in enterprise software

  • new data from Gartner finds the RPA market grew over 63% last year, making it the fastest growing enterprise software category
  • overall market value of $846.2 million remains rather modest compared to other multi-billion dollar enterprise software categories
  • beauty of RPA, and why companies like it so much, is that it enables customers to bring a level of automation to legacy processes without having to rip and replace the legacy systems