June 24 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By June 23, 2019 Insight

1. Six governing considerations to modernize marketing

  • Leading consumer-goods companies are using ever-greater data volumes and artificial intelligence to tailor marketing content, A/B tests, and activation of media to ever-smaller customer groups
  • In the age of digital marketing, a person’s development potential and willingness to change teams are at least as important as his or her formal qualifications and experience
  • In our experience, 35 to 40 percent of current job profiles in marketing are fundamentally affected by automation

2. Walmart reveals it’s tracking checkout theft with AI-powered cameras in 1,000 stores

  • program is designed to reduce shrinkage, which is the term retailers use to define losses due to theft, scanning errors, fraud, and other causes
  • US retailers lost an estimated 1.33% of revenues to shrinkage in 2017, totalling an estimated $47 billion
  • began rolling out Missed Scan Detection technology to stores two years ago, and it appears to be working successfully so far

3. Brazil sees evolution in mobile banking use

  • According to the 27th edition of the annual Banking Technology Survey carried out by the Brazilian Banking Federation (FEBRABAN), the number of bank transactions made by the mobile phone in 2018 grew 24 percent over the previous year
  • Mobile apps became the preferred channel for Brazilians to handle their banking affairs beyond simply checking statements, with the number of transactions performed through that channel including a financial element – such as money transfers – up by almost 80 percent in 2018
  • some 359 million loan applications were made through smartphones in Brazil in 2018, an increase of 60 percent over the previous year

4. Last Week In Venture: A Full Stack Of Decentralized Tech

  • Recent history shows the risks introduced by centralized communication and data infrastructure
  • Decentralized infrastructure provides a degree of resilience and independence to some communications and location services
  • blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer wireless network provider Helium…company’s hardware metes out custom cryptocurrency tokens to Helium router operators…crypto incentive is a new facet of the company’s business model

5. Andreessen Horowitz – Slack

  • When a company as successful as Slack goes public, it’s always tempting for an early-stage investor to claim some credit
  • Despite the disappointing outcome of Glitch, neither Andrew nor I had any hesitation in telling him to use the remaining cash to pursue the new idea, given the quality of the team
  • They have built a fast-growing business that successfully serves customers ranging from the most disruptive and innovative startups to the largest and most demanding enterprises, with a product that is both powerful and elegant