June 11 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By June 11, 2019 Insight

1. Salesforce Targets Microsoft, Google With Blockbuster $15.3 Billion Tableau Acquisition

  • a big business overhaul similar to what other enterprise companies like Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are attempting to do
  • deal expands Salesforce’s product portfolio to include data visualization tools alongside its core customer relationship management software and the word processing and spreadsheet tools
  • Salesforce is becoming more of a one-stop shop that directly competes against tech giants like Microsoft and Google that sell a variety of enterprise software and services

2. Fiat Chrysler partners with Aurora to develop self-driving commercial vans

  • partnership will focus on integrating Aurora’s technology into FCA’s line of Ram Truck commercial vehicles, a portfolio that includes cargo vans and trucks
  • aims to specifically develop and deploy self-driving commercial vehicles that could be used by any third party with a delivery-to-consumer need
  • Aurora is just a few months removed from announcing its hefty $530 million Series B round that was led by Sequoia Capital and included “significant investment” from Amazon

3. US Realtors Association Invests in Blockchain Startup Propy

  • allows users to transact real estate online, recording the deals on a blockchain, as well as with traditional methods
  • firm has previously helped auction a 17th century Italian mansion on a blockchain, partnering with Beverly Hills real estate brokerage Hilton & Hyland last May to sell part of the Palazzo Albertoni Spinola, which dates back to between 1580 and 1616
  • NAR is the largest real estate trade association in the U.S., with 1.3 million members across the residential and commercial real estate industries

4. AI helps drones dodge fast-moving objects

  • “reimagining” of navigation stacks, dubbed Embodied AI, enables virtually any drone to avoid moving obstacles with no more than cameras and an onboard computer
  • Obstacles are detected for five consecutive frames to estimate their trajectory or velocity, and once that’s done the models classify them according to their geometry
  • Over the course of more than 200 trials, the researchers achieved a success rate of between 70% and 86%, the latter with the toy car and model airplane

5. Cisco embeds more AI, machine learning across the network

  • Key features include new network automation and analytics tools that are meant to help enterprise IT teams glean more insights and visibility from network data
  • Cisco’s ML is also correlating network data against baselines to uncover potential network issues and alert IT before problems occur
  • touting new machine-reasoning algorithms for improved troubleshooting, giving IT admins and network engineers the ability to detect and correct issues and vulnerabilities more quickly