July 4 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 3, 2019 Insight

1. World’s First Zero-Fiat ‘Bitcoin Bond’ Now Available on Bloomberg Terminal

  • Argento-LBX bond represents a first in regulated cryptocurrency products, in that it contains no fiat exposure for investors
  • readily available via Bloomberg Terminal, and is the first crypto product to have its own ISIN code
  • for the first time, they have an institutional grade way of making their wallets grow without exposing their bitcoin to the swings of the traditional ‘fiat’ currency markets

2. Ola Electric becomes India’s newest unicorn with new $250 million investment from SoftBank

  • India’s Ola is further widening its lead over Uber  in the nation — and getting the help it needs from their mutual investor
  • infusion comes as New Delhi looks to take a serious step in electrifying the existing fleet of cabs and scooters in the country as it attempts to curtail air pollution and carbon emissions
  • parent group, which raised $300 million from Hyundai and Kia to expand its mobility solutions and electric vehicles programs as part of an ongoing Series J round earlier this year, also is partnering with original equipment manufacturers to scale the EV business

3. A look inside neural networks

  • Progress in the field of AI is based primarily on the use of neural networks
  • Mimicking the functionality of the human brain, neural networks link mathematically defined units with one another
  • Many companies use learning and networked AI systems, for example to generate precise demand forecasts and to exactly predict customer behavior

4. Want a Job in the Future? Be a Student for Life

  • Every large enterprise and every large government ecosystem is thinking about this – about automation, AI, machine learning and new age digital technologies taking away jobs of the past and creating jobs for the future
  • institutions and enterprises will move from a people-only workplace to a people-plus-machine workplace
  • We will now have to move to a continuum of lifelong learning, which means we have to be lifelong learners

5. SaaS Stocks Near Record Highs As The Second Half Of 2019 Kicks Off

  • Businesses that sell software as a service, better known as SaaS companies, are no longer on the leading edge of a new business model. SaaS is now how most software is sold.
  • makes public SaaS companies important for private software companies, as the performance of the former in the public markets can impact the value and fundraising options of the latter
  • according to venture collective Bessemer…the SaaS and cloud companies present in its index are trading at an 11x enterprise value/revenue multiple