July 29 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 28, 2019 Insight

1. Step Aside, Millennials — Why Fintechs Are Targeting Baby Boomers & Retirees

  • Startups are now eyeing opportunities to develop fintech services aimed at helping older individuals improve their financial well-being, from estate planning to fraud prevention
  • While many Boomers and senior citizens may not be aware of the wide variety of fintech services available to them, such as digital banking, a number of tools exist that aim to raise awareness
  • between 2015 and 2050, the world population of people aged 60+ is expected to nearly double from 12% to 22%…there will be increasing demand for services that help with investment strategies that will keep paying out long past retirement age

2. The Future Of Work Is An Adaptive Workforce

  • To become an adaptive enterprise requires significant investments in technology transformation, in culture building, and in setting up structures and processes
  • new adaptive workforce taps into technology innovations — particularly AI and automation — to become more flexible, responsive, and productive and to support the broader adaptive enterprise strategy
  • Adaptive workforces can flex up or down their resources in response to changing conditions by tapping into next-generation labor pools: the talent economy…and the automation economy

3.  WhatsApp reaches 400 million users in India, its biggest market

  • As WhatsApp becomes ubiquitous in the nation, the service is increasingly mutating to serve additional needs
  • WhatsApp, which has about 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, does not really have any major competitor in India
  • WhatsApp also plans to roll out WhatsApp Pay, its payment service, to all its users toward the end of the year

4. SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2 Is A $108B+ Venture Behemoth

  • ability for SoftBank, through its Vision Fund arm, to roll into high-growth private companies and hand them hundreds of millions — and in some cases, billions — of dollars reshaped the venture capital landscape
  • Seeing Microsoft and Apple as listed LPs in Vision Fund 2 is perhaps unsurprising…technology giants are cash-rich and likely ready to buy a piece of the future or invest in enough technology companies to get a feel for change underneath their vision
  • The existence of Apple and Microsoft and SoftBank on the same cap table helps make the case that there could be a Vision Fund 3

5. What Is Simultaneous Localization and Mapping?

  • robots build their own maps as they go…lets them know their position by aligning the sensor data they collect with whatever sensor data they’ve already collected to build out a map for navigation
  • a multi-stage process that includes alignment of sensor data using a variety of algorithms well suited to the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs
  • Bayesian filters are applied to mathematically solve where the robot is located, using the continuous stream of sensor data and motion estimates