July 25 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 25, 2019 Insight

1. UPS forms new drone delivery subsidiary, will seek FAA approval to operate commercial flights

  • doubling down on a drone logistics and delivery market that’s anticipated to be worth $29.06 billion by 2027
  • Part 135 certification would not only enable faster scaling of the company’s drone deployments in targeted markets, but that it would lay the groundwork for one of the first fully certified revenue-generating operations in the U.S
  • UPS estimates that cutting off just one mile for the routes of each of the company’s 66,000 delivery drivers would amount to $50 million in savings

2. Business Intelligence Market Consolidation — What To Expect Next

  • In 2019, Forrester projects it to be a $22 billion market growing at 9.3% year over year
  • 62% of global data and analytics decision makers have implemented, are implementing, or are upgrading/expanding implementation of BI, while another 23% are planning to implement in the next 12 months
  • low maturity of the people/process/data components will ensure that the BI technology market is healthy and vibrant for the foreseeable future

3.  Paging Dr. Robot: How Robotics Is Changing The Face Of Medicine

  • robotics in medicine can help to reduce human error, improve recovery time, and reduce hospital stays, ultimately enhancing patients’ quality of life
  • robotic arm sets the angle and plane of the surgical saws and prevents cuts from going too deep…In 2018, the Mako system performed nearly 80,000 knee and hip replacements in over 650 locations
  • Brands looking to the increasing geriatric population may see an opportunity in rehabilitation robots…global rehabilitation robot market is estimated to be worth $2B+

4. Netflix launches Rs 199 ($2.8) mobile-only monthly plan in India

  • in a bid to take on Disney, Amazon and dozens of other aggressively priced competitors in the country
  • streaming service’s users in India have shown far richer appetite for consuming content on mobile devices than users in any other nation
  • Netflix today competes with more than three-dozen local and international players in the country. Hotstar, owned by Disney, currently leads the market with over 300 million users.

5. Snap saw monstrous growth in the second quarter, and the reason has a lot to do with that viral gender-swapping filter

  • company added 13 million daily active users in the last three months, which is its highest growth since 2016
  • app has one key feature to thank: its popular, catfish-enabling “gender-swapping” filter…when applied, changed users’ appearances by swapping out their traditionally male or traditionally female facial features with those of the other gender
  • In the five days after Snapchat rolled out the new lens filter in May, 7 million new users across iPhone and Android devices installed the Snapchat app for the first time