July 23 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 23, 2019 Insight

1. With Chandrayaan-2 launch, India’s ISRO shoots for the Moon on a shoe-string budget

  • mission’s budget is just $141 million, significantly lower than those of other countries, and less than half of the recently released blockbuster “Avengers: Endgame.”
  • In 2013, ISRO also launched an orbiter to Mars in its maiden $74 million interplanetary mission — a fraction of the $671 million NASA spent for a Mars mission in the same year
  • In 2017, ISRO also deployed a record 104 satellites into the space in just 18 minutes

2. A Pragmatic Guide To Brand Value

  • Consumers may love the brand, but this translates into financial value only if the brand performs well … brand performance evaluation provides an objective test of the brand’s actual contribution
  • Determining the value of a brand ought not to be a one-off episode…should be a system that continually assesses what about the brand – emotionally and functionally – really drives value…three most common brand dimensions measured are health, satisfaction, and equity
  • If you’re looking to build the case to justify brand initiatives, you have to get down and dirty with discrete choice modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, and suchlike pleasures

3.  Bar Trek: AI Startup Launches Smoothie-Making Robots

  • After a customer selects optional ingredients, the bot automatically adjusts the other ingredients so that the smoothie has good taste and texture and remains the right serving size
  • system is powered by the compact supercomputing of Jetson TX2, allowing it to ingest data from its nearly two dozen sensors, including cameras for image recognition
  • Data scientists at Blendid gathered hundreds of images for each ingredient to train deep neural networks to accurately spot them…also used transfer learning and the ImageNet database, as well as MobileNet COCO and Faster R-CNN neural networks to refine the results

4. Uber tests monthly subscription that combines Eats, rides, bikes and scooters

  • first time Uber is combining all of its consumer offerings into one monthly subscription
  • A challenge in the micromobility space is product differentiation and brand loyalty, so this is a smart way for Uber to get customers to fully commit to its multi-modal platform
  • Uber’s combo plan also creeps into Postmates’ territory, which offers a monthly subscription product for unlimited free deliveries

5. Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI, vows to build AI tech platform of ‘unprecedented scale’

  • expanded partnership gives Microsoft and its Azure cloud platform an influential ally in its competition with Google, Amazon and other rivals in the high-stakes race to develop next-generation AI platforms and technologies
  • technology would be capable of developing deep expertise across many subjects, not just one domain, surpassing human abilities to help solve major challenges in areas such as healthcare, climate change and education
  • Microsoft Azure will become OpenAI’s exclusive cloud provider. OpenAI started working with Azure in 2016, the year it was founded, but it also has worked previously with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services