July 22 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 21, 2019 Insight

1. Lessons from leaders in Latin America’s retail banking market

  • Latin America has been an exception, however, and is the fastest-growing banking market worldwide
  • In several Latin American countries, 30 to 50 percent of the population over age 15 have an account with a financial institution, compared to more than 90 percent in countries like the US, UK, or Spain, or roughly 80 percent in China
  • Latin America is also the global banking industry’s most profitable region. Overall return on equity (ROE) in 2017 was 14 percent, outperforming other global regions and more than doubling the 4–6 percent range of most developed regions

2. Lyft adds NYC subway directions to its app

  • giving locals a one-stop directory for some of the most common transportation options in town…still have to pay with your MetroCard (or a tap of your phone)
  • could use just one app to take a Lyft car to an urgent meeting, the subway for your return and a Citi Bike for the last leg of the journey
  • If you only need one app for every aspect of your commute, you’re less like to drift to competitors

3.  New delivery robot wants to share the bike lane

  • connect local businesses with customers using lightweight robots that are speedy enough to ensure prompt delivery but slow enough to avoid technical and safety challenges faced by most autonomous road vehicles
  • Bike lane robots would be able to delivery much faster than robots that share the sidewalk with pedestrians, and they’re much cheaper to build than autonomous delivery vans
  • Refraction’s use of sturdy, smaller-sized delivery robots in the bike lane allows for faster technology development and covers a larger service area than competitors operating on the sidewalk

4. Here’s What To Watch For This Earnings Cycle, SaaS And Startup Edition

  • Your favorite public SaaS companies are enjoying strong valuations at the moment…public SaaS and cloud firms are worth about 11x times their revenue using enterprise value in place of market capitalization
  • market run has been predicated on both revenue growth, and investors’ willingness to pay more for that revenue than before
  • since so many venture-backed startups are SaaS-built, how their public cohort perform is critical to understanding the VC market, for example

5. Olis Robotics and Tethers Unlimited join forces on remote-controlled space robots

  • joining forces to create a new kind of remote-controlled robotic system that could be used on the International Space Station or other off-Earth outposts
  • platform makes it possible for robots in remote locations to execute their prescribed tasks safely even if their links with remote operators are subject to time delays or data dropouts
  •  “Imagine how much more science we can get out of the ISS if we can have a graduate student in a lab controlling experiments that currently we’d need to wait weeks or months to have an astronaut do.”