July 17 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 16, 2019 Insight

1. The Increasingly Crowded Cybersecurity Unicorn Club

  • 2018 saw 617 deals go to private cybersecurity companies — a nearly 40% increase in deals compared to 2015
  • This year, 4 cybersecurity companies have joined the global unicorn club…creation of private cybersecurity unicorns at a faster rate than ever before, through even larger funding rounds
  • Tanium is the most valuable privately owned cybersecurity company…was last valued at ~$6.5B when it raised a $200M Series H round in October 2018

2. Four Challenges to Overcome for AI-Driven Customer Experience

  • Because they scale without the need to hire more people, virtual agents can pay for themselves — provided there are enough customer service intents that are easy to automate
  • at Dish Network, where customers initiate 6 million chats per year for sales and support, virtual agent automation generated millions of dollars in annual savings…at cable operator Charter Communications, AI-based customer service enabled the company to automate 50% of customer service chats
  • Virtual agent proponents must demonstrate both strategic fit with the company and the readiness of technical systems

3. A Giant Leap for Mankind? Virgin Galactic Revs Up Space Tourism

  • pointed out that its spaceship, VSS Unity, is the first and only commercial service thus far to have put people in space
  • Virgin Galactic said it already has $80 million in deposits from more than 600 aspiring space travelers in 60 countries for a total of $120 million in potential revenue
  • Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have different technology approaches — on the latter’s space flight, people will be launched in a rocket up to the edge of space and then come back down in a capsule

4. World Economic Forum Report: 6 Ways to Evaluate Blockchain Benefits

  • first is to take time to understand the technology, set realistic expectations (identifying incentives and accounting for risks), and align to strategic priorities
  • report also recommends evaluating whether blockchain or other technologies are the best solution specifying that “blockchain is not a substitute for digitization and should not be treated as such.”
  • report found that 51% of the respondents said that they expected “missing out on developing new products/services” if their organization did not invest in blockchain technology

5. You Need A Design System — Here’s Why

  • recent study on design maturity from InVision revealed something really interesting: that design team size is not predictive of a design team’s maturity…possible to dedicate a lot of headcount to design but still see limited benefits on business outcomes.
  • A design system is also the principles, templates, components, and best practices that guide an organization’s design efforts in crucial ways
  • Sixty-eight percent of companies tell us they use design systems and I project that number is going to continue to increase in 2019…design systems help democratize design practice…help power accessibility efforts…help indirectly improve talent retention