July 16 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 16, 2019 Insight

1. Cavs and Cavs Legion GC Partner with UnitedCoin

  • Cleveland Cavaliers and Cavs Legion GC (NBA2KL) have partnered with cryptocurrency blockchain provider UnitedCoin
  • partnership will bring awareness to the UnitedCoin brand and platform, while providing the Cavs with a resource to capitalize on the burgeoning financial technology landscape
  • Promotional elements of the partnership include UnitedCoin becoming the “Official Cryptocurrency Partner” of Cavs Legion…

2. Samsung Teams With Banks, Telcos for Mobile ID Network Based on Blockchain

  • service will provide a “self-sovereign” authentication solution that does away with middlemen services and allows users to verify their identity or qualifications over a blockchain, keeping more control of their own personal information
  • Individuals can store their data on a smart device and submit only the data they choose when certification is required
  • Initially, the service will be applied to the issuance and distribution of graduation and other certificates from major universities in Korea, as well as to Koscom’s platform for unlisted startup stocks

3. IBM Research explains how quantum computing works and why it matters

  • In a quantum processor, superconducting qubits, or quantum bits, process the quantum information and send the computation outcomes back through the system via microwave signals
  • The chip is down on that bottom section where those wires are all going in. That’s the actual quantum computing chip…When you get down to the bottom it’s at 15 milli-Kelvin, which is 15 thousandths of a degree above absolute zero…It’s a couple hundred times colder than outer space
  • Most of the people that are looking at it are in three main areas…one is optimization. We have J.P. Morgan Chase and Barclays as members. They’re looking at using this for doing really large quantum Monte Carlo simulations or other optimization problems for pricing bonds or predicting the behavior of very complex financial systems.

4. How Uber quietly redesigned its interface for the rest of the world

  • As Uber expanded into Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, it faced a major problem: The design that helped make it a powerhouse wasn’t as effective in these new markets
  • company realized that in Android-dominated countries, which tend to be non-Western, many phones were not designed to run an app as large as Uber’s
  • process of building Lite was an exercise in abandoning assumptions about how people use technology and asking them directly

5. Paige details first AI pathology tech with clinical-grade accuracy in new research paper

  • Paige’s tech, which employs deep learning trained on a dataset of almost 45,000 slide images taken from over 15,000 patients spanning 44 countries
  • novel in that it can eschew the need to curate data sets for training first, which greatly decreases cost and time required to build accurate AI-based diagnostic tools
  • Paige’s approach uses much larger data sets than are typically employed in AI-based diagnostics, but without the tight curation that focuses other efforts much more narrowly