July 15 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 13, 2019 Insight

1. Visualizing Tech Giants’ Billion-Dollar Acquisitions

  • Over the last 3 decades, the FAMGA tech giants — Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple — have collectively made nearly 750 acquisitions
  • Some of their biggest checks have been written for high-profile companies such as career platform LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft for $26.2B), chat app WhatsApp (Facebook, $22B), and video-sharing platform YouTube (Google, $1.7B)
  • Collectively, FAMGA has made 25 billion-dollar acquisitions…Microsoft has made 10 $1B+ acquisitions, the most among the tech giants

2. Walmart, NVIDIA Discuss How They’re Working Together to Transform Retail

  • Walmart’s the biggest retailer on Earth. It’s also one of the most competitive technology companies around.
  • open-source suite of GPU accelerated libraries helps Walmart tear through their massive-scale data analytics and machine learning
  • From product forecasting to supply chain management and predicting consumer buying trends and last-mile delivery, machine learning algorithms help Walmart serve their more than 265 million weekly customers even better

3. VW invests $2.6 billion in Argo AI as part of self-driving vehicle alliance with Ford

  • Argo said VW was investing $1 billion in cash and contributing its European self-driving unit, valued at $1.6 billion
  • investment deal gives Argo a valuation of just over $7 billion, one of the highest in the autonomous vehicles sector
  • Ford-VW partnership with Argo could help accelerate the deployment timetables of the two automakers who plan to put autonomous vehicles into operation in 2021

4. Repeat performance: The continuing case for programmatic M&A

  • What type of M&A strategy creates the most value for large corporations?…pursue many small deals that accrue to a meaningful amount of market capitalization over multiple years instead of relying on episodic, “big-bang” transactions
  • data also confirmed just how challenging it is for individual companies to make the transition to programmatic M&A from any of the other models
  • By building a dedicated M&A function, codifying learnings from past deals, and taking an end-to-end perspective on transactions, businesses can emulate the success of programmatic acquirers

5. Valkyrie Industries is building a haptic VR suit for industrial training

  • Rather than targeting the fairly limited world of VR gaming, however, the startup has its eyes on professional applications
  • Big companies…would like be far more willing to invest in a technology that could simplify and streamline the training process, particularly for dangerous and otherwise complex positions
  • system utilizes electrical impulses to stimulate muscles, approximating resistance and touch