Jan 31 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By January 31, 2019 Insight

1. Navigating a New Industrial Infrastructure

  • Shouldn’t look at popular, emerging technologies in the same way we have always looked at new IT advancements.
  • Leaders can start small with incubated prototypes and proofs-of-concept that unite technologies within limited use cases before scaling up to broader enterprise adoption
  • Discussions should focus on business operations for the whole of an organization first and foremost, rather than simply “tech strategy,” and have support from the entire C-suite, not just the CIO

2. How the State Bank of India Uses Technology to Drive Growth

  • 30M mobile banking customers, 47M internet banking customers (huge potential to tap India’s 500M smartphone population), with 3 major tech programs and 500 projects across risk, customer relationship management and its mobile app
  • With a customer base of more than 430M, would rather acquire more fintech companies than other banks. Instead of perceiving fintechs as disruptors that may eat into SBI’s market share, aims to have a “symbiotic relationship.
  • SBI provides scale, fintechs provide tech and solutions at fraction of cost SBI would otherwise have to incur

3. Merck Granted U.S. Patent for novel combination of AI and Blockchain tech 

  • Spearheading the development of blockchain technologies that focus on a combination of physical objects and digital security
  • New technology uses machine learning to link physical objects to a blockchain through their own unique identifiers or ‘fingerprints‘
  • Combining physical products with blockchain will support the security interests of businesses and their products by offering them new methods of tracking their supply chain through blockchain, Internet of Things and connected workflow environments

4. STO Lifecycle: The Complete List of Milestones

  • Understand the company’s market capitalization and develop a clear vision of a financial plan to decide what are the amounts to be attracted at a current round and how
  • Token itself represents a security, so all the requirements as restricted selling (i.e., the lock-up period) need to be set in the smart-contract
  • White Label solutions settled and customized on your website make it easier to invest in your company using crypto or fiat transactions

5. Aether and UCL aim to democratize bioprinting nanotech

  • Partnering to develop a new, more cost efficient nanoprinting technology for pharmaceutical and medical applications
  • Material will be able to fulfill a number of functions, including being used for nanosurgical tools, as a delivery system for pharmaceuticals and bioactives, or as a mechanical and structural support system
  • Aether stated that it plans to offer the 3D printing nanotechnology at just 2% of competitor costs