Fuel Venture Capital Summary: August 28, 2020

By August 28, 2020 Insight

A selection of achievements I want to share from another remarkable week at Fuel Venture Capital:

  1. Samsung’s new Mastercard debit card powered by portfolio company Curve has launched in the UK. Samsung VP Conor Pierce noted the following in TechCrunch: “…through our partnership with Curve, the Samsung Pay Card brings a series of pioneering features that will change the way that our customers manage their spending, with their Samsung smartphone and smartwatch at the heart of it.”
  2. Building on their recent rideshare announcement with SpaceX, Marc Bell and the PredaSAR team successfully continued a journey to build and operate the world’s largest and most advanced commercially operated synthetic aperture radar satellite constellation and ground network by completing a milestone Critical Design Review to ready the launch of its spacecraft. Read more about it here.
  3. Washington, DC is one of the latest cities where portfolio company Bolt Mobility’s industry-best scooters are now available. People are looking for different ways to get around without the risk of being in confined space, and micro mobility solutions are becoming top of mind. Also, a happy belated birthday to Bolt co-founder and global ambassador Usain Bolt!
  4. Portfolio company Ohmni Labs creates robots for modern life. Here, they share insight on how their best-in-class fleet management enables efficient management and deployment of 2 or more Ohmni robots.
  5. Portfolio company Soundtrack Your Brand CEO Ola Sars was profiled in Rolling Stone Magazine: “Soundtrack Your Brand is the market’s most substantial B2B music platform made up of 9,000 direct deals with publishers and labels.” Ola shares fascinating insights into the business of music, including learnings from the biggest study conducted on background music to date which they commissioned Nielsen to complete.
  6. Frost & Sullivan projects that 10% of cars will be purchased via subscription service by 2025. Portfolio company Bipi is highlighted by David Arroyo Vargas as a first mover in Spain’s auto subscription purchase market. Read about it here.
  7. Portfolio company Recargapay is Brazil’s leading mobile payments fintech. CEO Rodrigo Teijeiro spoke with PYMNTS about the gaps in financial services solutions, and how Recargapay is working to overcome those obstacles.
  8. Portfolio company Eyrus aims to leverage technology and data to provide value to everyone throughout the construction process. Here, Eyrus outlines managing a construction site from home, providing innovative ways to maintain visibility and keep essential operations going.
  9. Earnings on Demand platform Hastee focuses on payment solutions to help businesses better their financial wellbeing. CEO James Herbet spoke with Natasha Meisel at TechRound about everything Hastee.
  10. My fellow General Partner and Fuel Venture Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Maggie Vo spoke with Authority Magazine about her journey, a framework for making investment decisions, and much more. Juan Pablo Miró, Fuel Venture Capital Partner spoke with Emprendedores News about the post pandemic scenario for venture capital in Latin America.

Congratulations to the Fuel Venture Capital portfolio of companies and partners. Here’s to another week of effort and successes!

Nabyl Charania
General and Founding Partner, Fuel Venture Capital
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r