Feb 5 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By February 5, 2019 Insight

1. P&C Insurance Trends To Watch In 2019

  • Smartphone-based telematics, where an app tracks driver behavior in real time, is gaining traction in the P&C insurance industry.
  • In 2019, look for regulatory shifts that enable insurers to expand their drone programs to more areas.
  • A number of insurers are already leveraging conversational AI, but chatbots in insurance could be more hype than substance.

2. The Most Innovative Fintech Companies In 2019

  • While crypto prices and ICOs collapsed, overall investment in fintech surged in 2018, hitting $55 billion worldwide, double the year before
  • Big fintechs are getting bigger—19 of the 2019 Fintech 50 are valued at $1 billion or more
  • In the U.S., payments received the most funding of any area of fintech – about 15%

3. New Tech Spotlight: Let’s Get Real About Extended Reality

  • augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) – collectively referred to as XR – are extremely hard to implement
  • if you can push your way through those obstacles, the benefits of immersive engagement in XR use cases can be profound.
  • Today, the XR technology market stands at $11B in aggregate private funding.

4. McCormick and IBM team up to add AI-fueled flavors

  • Using IBM Research AI for Product Composition, product developers at McCormick & Company will use AI to devise new flavor combinations and help predict what flavor will be trending soon.
  • The proprietary AI will cull from “hundreds of millions of data points across the areas of sensory science, consumer preference, and flavor palettes” that was collected by McCormick over decades
  • McCormick expects to launch the first AI-enabled product platform, ONE, by mid-2019, with a set of initial one-dish Recipe Mix flavors

5. Data is the Future of Brand Identity

  • for the designers that can harness it to create visuals and immersive physical brand experiences, data can convey scale, scope, movement and (most importantly) authenticity in a way that is much more honest, intimate and engaging
  • As a tool for expressing brand identity, data’s current application to the physical spaces has opened the door to new experiences that have completely redefined existing concepts of brand engagement.
  • Nike Community Board was just one of many examples of how merging physical experiences with invisible, global data could be invaluable in reinforcing Nike’s connection to community building, more than any marketing or advertising campaign