Feb 18 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By February 18, 2019 Insight

1.  Bakkt: What Should We Expect From an Exchange Tailor-Made for Wall Street Investors?

  • the company intends to form a federally regulated market for Bitcoin (BTC) with a focus on institutional investment
  • the platform will utilize double-key security, where clients access their funds using the private key while the warehouse releases them using a public key — just like with safety deposit boxes at brick-and-mortar banks, which require both keys to be unlocked
  • Besides establishing a platform for institutional investors who are still hesitant to enter the crypto market…That idea could be picked by both Microsoft and Starbucks, two major backers of Bakkt.

2. Nobody Cares About Your Big Idea

  • What sets successful consumer tech startups apart from the fads is how their products impact customers’ two most precious commodities: time and money.
  • Consumers love to find products that deliver the same result in less time.
  • To refine your features and marketing message, consider the minutes in your target customer’s week before and after adopting your product.

3. Esports: $1B teams? (NBA in the 1980s)

  • investment into an esports organization is also a diversified bet across multiple game titles & leagues, instead of just one. This allows for esports organizations to be worth considerably more.
  • The average NBA viewer is 42 years old, but according to Nielsen, the average age of esports viewers are 31 and 61% of viewers are millennials
  • esports could do in 5–10 years what took the NBA over 30 years to achieve

4. McKinsey Report: Industrial robotics: Opportunities for manufacturers of end effectors

  • Worldwide annual shipments of robots soared to around 381,000 in 2017, more than double the approximately 159,000 shipped in 2012. Many of the most oppressive and routine workplace chores—those that are dirty, dull, or dangerous—are now entirely within the robot realm.
  • In 2017, there were a little more than two million industrial robots operating on factory floors and other commercial locations. With 14 percent annual growth expected under favorable economic conditions over the next five years, the installed base could reach about 4.4 million units by 2023
  • Automotive had the largest installed base for robotics, followed by the electronics industry, and these sectors will continue to be the greatest sources of demand. In 2017, robot sales to the automotive industry rose by 22 percent to reach a new peak of around 125,700 units; sales to the electronic industry rose by 33 percent in the same year, reaching a new peak of around 121,300 units.

5. 3D-printed rockets are winning over SpaceX veterans

  • Relativity, a space startup that wants to use its gigantic 3D printer to build rockets on Earth and, eventually, on Mars, is seeking its first patent
  • 3D printing will enable a design that has 100x fewer parts and allow for faster iterations with almost zero fixed tooling
  • Relativity, which aims to launch next year, aims to have the right fit in a market split between large orbital rockets like those built by SpaceX or United Launch Alliance, and a cadre of small-rocket startups aiming to fly low-weight satellites.