December 4 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 3, 2019 Insight

1. Where eCommerce Is Headed In Latin America

  • In 2019, over 150 million Latin Americans are expected to buy goods and services online, while retail sales alone are expected to surpass US$84.7 billion by 2019
  • In Latin America, retail eCommerce sales are expected to grow 21.3 percent, bringing total sales to an impressive US$71.34 billion
  • two in three Internet users in Latin America said they are likely to use mobile wallets or similar payment methods during 2018 and 2019

2. 30 companies worth at least $1 billion that didn’t exist 10 years ago

  • tech landscape looks completely different today than it did at the beginning of the decade
  • Numerous tech companies that didn’t even exist before 2010 joined the ranks of the unicorns in 2019
  • Some of the young companies to reach unicorn status this year include Lyft, Instagram, Casper, Snapchat, and Warby Parker

3.  Google details AI that classifies chest X-rays with human-level accuracy

  • AI also underpins the tech giant’s advances in diabetic retinopathy diagnosis through eye scans
  • DeepMind’s AI that can recommend the proper line of treatment for 50 eye diseases with 94% accuracy
  • newer work tapped over 600,000 images sourced from two de-identified data sets…researchers developed a text-based system to extract labels using radiology reports associated with each X-ray

4. Retailers Now Choose Commerce Tech Based On How Providers Engage, Not What They Are

  • Gone are the days of take-it-or-leave-it, prefab, legacy commerce suites and isolated, minimally integrated platforms
  • Some retailers struggle to identify whether a commerce suite is flexible enough for them or if a platform is connected deeply enough to other functions
  • The definitions and categorization of commerce technology providers have shifted away from a focus on providers’ capabilities

5. Dyal raises $9B+ GP stakes fund amid strategy spike

  • Not only do private equity firms invest in private businesses, but they also invest in each other—and with increasing vigor
  • As private equity firms look to expand their grip on alternative assets, 2019 has seen capital flood into GP stakes investing
  • And so far this year, total GP stakes fundraising has exceeded $23 billion, open funds included…more than four times 2016’s GP stakes high of $5.3 billion