December 20 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 19, 2019 Insight

1. The most overlooked trends in enterprise tech in 2019

  • The demise of systems of record from the rise of AI…As AI has become more powerful, it’s started to automate data capture
  • the first generation of SaaS may no longer be the right point of comparison for an attractive margin profile
  • While there is no substitute for product-market fit, at least now, that fit depends on design and speed to implementation

2. How to Avoid All-or-Nothing Thinking in Your Tech Strategy

  • Companies’ failure to innovate exposes them to risk and has a huge impact on the global economy
  • organizations should hire managers and recruits with experience introducing technological elements, even first-of-its-kind technologies
  • Managers should take an in-depth look at their processes and consult experts to determine which processes may be the best to start handing off to technology

3.  The five lessons B2B sales leaders should learn to make analytics work

  • Only recently has the B2B sales world started to appreciate the scale of the benefits data-driven sales can deliver
  • limited experience B2B businesses have with analytics puts them at risk of making some of the same mistakes their B2C colleagues suffered through
  • too many sales organizations start their analytics implementation by asking what tools they’re going to use

4. Make Edge Computing A Key Investment for 2020

  • Traditional technologies are no longer addressing the growing needs of modern business
  • massive quantity of tech and telecom vendors, and now a significant amount of enterprises and government agencies, are all expanding their investments in edge computing for 2020
  • Verizon and Amazon Web Services announced a new partnership on December 3, 2019 — 5G edge cloud computing — to help you build new applications, internet-of-things (IoT)-empowered capabilities, and net-new value innovations

5. AI in the announcer’s booth

  • Companies including IBM and Amazon have been working on using AI-powered robots to narrate personalized sports broadcasts
  • Major League Baseball announced it is partnering with Amazon to develop AI-based technology that will “create analysis for live games in the tone and style of iconic announcers.”
  • To make AI smart about sports, researchers rely on an AI technology called end-to-end learning