December 2 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 1, 2019 Insight

1. HSBC to shift $20 billion worth of assets to blockchain-based Digital Vault

  • will give investors real-time access to records of securities bought on private markets
  • will digitize paper-based records of private placements, using blockchain to reduce the time it takes investors to make checks or queries on holdings
  • Records of private placements are typically held on paper and lack standardization…HSBC currently looks after up to $50 billion worth of the assets

2. NVIDIA Clara Federated Learning to Deliver AI to Hospitals While Protecting Patient Data

  • key challenge remains: gaining access to the huge volumes of data required to train AI models while protecting patient privacy
  • distributed client systems can perform deep learning training locally and collaborate to train a more accurate global model
  • Using pre-trained models and transfer learning techniques, NVIDIA AI assists radiologists in labeling, reducing the time for complex 3D studies from hours to minutes

3.  Why the Cybertruck is a breakthrough for Tesla and designer Franz von Holzhausen

  • Model S is the opposite of futuristic…von Holzhausen took advantage of the inherent engineering of electric cars — no gas engine, no drivetrain, no gas tank — to create a sleek sedan that has a very roomy cabin and SUV-like storage
  • Everything about the Cybertruck flies in the face of received pickup-truck wisdom
  • instead decided to do what he hadn’t previously done, and what Tesla had avoided, which was to blow minds rather than hew to middlebrow sensibilities

4. New Virtual Reality Interface Enables “Touch” Across Long Distances

  • new patch is a type of haptic device, a technology that remotely conveys tactile signals
  • common example is video game controllers that vibrate when the player’s avatar takes a hit
  • more advanced, wearable versions of such interfaces will become a vital part of making virtual and augmented reality experiences feel like they are actually happening

5. LVMH Acquires Tiffany & Co.: Why It’s A Prudent Match

  • LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE) is acquiring Tiffany & Co. for approximately €14.7 billion (or $16.2 billion)
  • Unlike a private equity house, where objectives are dominated by the need to increase returns year on year, luxury groups like LVMH can take a longer-term view
  • global online luxury retail opportunity — including accessories, beauty and fragrance, clothing, jewelry and watches, and shoes — will reach $78 billion by 2023, more than double the $35 billion mark in 2018