December 19 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 18, 2019 Insight

1. The Big Ideas Fintech Will Tackle in 2020

  • In 2020, we expect to see even more B2B and B2C companies in which the primary business model will be white-labeling financial services, providing them to customers for free, and taking a spread on the backend economics
  • Some of the most exciting investment opportunities in this space are the infrastructure companies that are powering the addition of financial services for both consumer and B2B products
  • technology will enable CFOs and their teams to shift from completing repetitive tasks to proactively interpreting their companies’ financial data in real time and identifying opportunities

2. The insurance switch: Technology will reshape operations

  • experience with insurers that want to leap into the digital era shows that as technologies evolve, these companies may end up automating 50 to 60 percent of traditional back-office operations
  • Advances in artificial intelligence are also allowing incumbents to automate increasingly complicated tasks, including addressing all forms of customer queries
  • Innovative incentive structures that mimic those of start-ups can also encourage experimentation and learning

3.  AI, Accelerated Computing Drive Shift to Personalized Healthcare

  • could see genomics in 2025 surpass by 10x the amount of data generated by other big data sources such as astronomy, Twitter and YouTube — hitting the double-digit exabyte range
  • New sequencing systems…system generates a whopping 60 genomes per day, equaling 6 terabytes of data
  • As costs decline and sequencing times accelerate, more use cases emerge, such as the ability to sequence a newborn in intensive care where every minute counts

4. Uber creates AI to generate data for training other AI models

  • a tailored GAN — dubbed Generative Teaching Network (GTN) — that generates data or training environments from which a model learns before it gets tested on a target task
  • GTNs achieve success by creating unrealistic data that’s helpful in the course of learning
  • able to combine information about many different types of an object together, or focus training mostly on the hardest examples, and to evaluate the model-in-training on real-world data

5. How Latin American Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Region, One Business At A Time

  • When it comes to grooming unicorns, Brazil might lead the pack, but nations like Chile and Argentina are not far behind
  • Tencent’s recent deals with fintech firms like Brazil’s Nubank and Argentina’s Ualá to SoftBank’s announcement of a $5 billion fund for Latin American startups,
  • Mexican healthcare startup SalaUno’s founders spotted a business opportunity when they saw how long people had to wait to get cataract surgery at a government medical facility