December 17 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 17, 2019 Insight

1. App Annie: The biggest apps and games of the decade

  • Netflix is the No. 1 app of the decade in consumer spending
  • Clash of Clans took the No. 1 spot for consumer spending on games, according to mobile market data
  • Facebook was the No. 1 app of the decade, and Subway Surfers was the No. 1 game of the decade

2. This Was A Big Year For Fintech, Real Estate, Insurance, And Automation

  • Much of the funding went to “neobanks,” a fancy term to describe upstart digital banks working on everything from savings and checking accounts to mobile debit cards
  • Companies focused on fintech, banking and mobile payments in North and South America brought in $11.7 billion in 2019… up from $9.2 billion in all of 2018
  • Insurance is a startup sector that’s been growing steadily for a few years now, and it hit its highest funding levels to date in 2019

3.  Terradepth raises $8 million to build a fleet of autonomous deep-ocean data robots

  • autonomous submersible vehicles that can, if deployed as a fleet with adequate scale, provide access to deep-ocean information on a data-as-a-service basis
  • will aim to offer raw data, information processed through their own machine-learning powered analytics layer, or cloud-based third-party analytics
  • aim to offer multispectral imaging, surveillance and monitoring/forecasting services for off-shore equipment and resources

4. AI, to Be Precise: Brooklyn Company Detects Manufacturing Anomalies with Tools Powered by Deep Learning

  • combines super-resolution images with deep learning in its nSpec line of advanced optical inspection tools
  • Delivering a wide range of scanning methods and imaging techniques, these tools help customers find anomalies, defects and other features of interest throughout production workflows
  • combines AI, automation and 3D imaging so customers in industries like semiconductors and materials and those operating research and development facilities can capture and analyze anomalies in real time and in much higher quality

5. Einride CEO on autonomous trucks: ‘The biggest business opportunity in the history of mankind’

  • While much of the initial hype surrounding autonomous vehicles focused on cars, that attention has decisively shifted towards self-driving trucks
  • Companies such as Starsky Robotics, Thor Trucks, Ike,, Aurora, and TuSimple are building self-driving trucks
  • Automotive giants such as Daimler and Volvo have also developed their own self-driving shipping vehicles