December 13 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 12, 2019 Insight

1. Lyft details the planning model behind its self-driving cars

  • took inspiration from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Asimov’s three laws of robotics in architecting the AV decision-making system
  • At the base of their pyramidal model is safety and legality — Lyft vehicles validate that planned behaviors are safe and in compliance with local laws
  • planning model considers the notion of perceived safety, which here refers to minimizing passengers’ and other drivers’ perceptions of being unsafe, even when actual safety isn’t at significant risk

2. How AI Accelerates Blood Cell Analysis at Taiwan’s Largest Hospital

  • With over 10,000 beds and more than 8 million outpatient visits annually, Taiwan’s Chang Gung Memorial Hospital collects at least a million blood cell images each year
  • Using transfer learning, the hospital trained its convolutional neural networks on a dataset of more than 60,000 blood cell images on AIRI
  • The AI takes just two seconds to interpret a set of 25 images…more than a hundred times faster than the usual procedure involving a team of three medical experts spending up to five minutes

3.  Google Assistant can now interpret 44 languages on smartphones

  • supports interpreter mode, enabling you to ask for directions, order food, or simply chat in a foreign language
  • number of recognized languages has increased from 27 to 44, and interpreter mode now lets you optionally type using a keyboard or manually select the language in which you’d like to speak
  • Saying a command like “Hey Google, be my German translator” or “Hey Google, help me speak Thai” kicks off interpreter mode

4. Watch Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket go to space and land back on Earth

  • designed to take up to six space tourists for short antigravity experiences at the Kármán line…the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space
  • This particular rocket now holds the record for the New Shepard rocket with the most trips to space, six
  • New Shepard was designed with a vertical takeoff, vertical landing system that allows the company to reuse parts of the rocket with minimal refurbishment

5. AI Index 2019 assesses global AI research, investment, and impact

  • In a year and a half, the time required to train a large image classification system on cloud infrastructure has fallen from about three hours in October 2017 to about 88 seconds in July, 2019
  • AI is the most popular area for computer science PhD specialization, and in 2018, 21% of graduates specialized in machine learning or AI
  • In 2019, global private AI investment was over $70 billion, with startup investment $37 billion, M&A $34 billion, IPOs $5 billion, and minority stake $2 billion