December 10 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By December 9, 2019 Insight

1. Louis Vuitton’s New Capsule with League of Legends Brings French High Fashion to Online Gaming—and Vice Versa

  • Ghesquière has created virtual outfits for Qiyana and her fellow League of Legends champion Senna
  • For the real world, he’s combined the LV and LoL logos and produced a capsule collection of leather goods and street-smart, sporty riffs on the in-game clothes, in color-blocked tech jersey and chrome leather, that hits stores this month
  • real excitement of the League of Legends matchup for Ghesquière is how it could augment his work in Vuitton’s ateliers

2. Bosch and Daimler launch self-driving car pilot in San Jose

  • companies announced the launch of a service in San Jose with a fleet of around 30 autonomous Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles
  • Mercedes-Benz sedans capable of level 4 driving, or automated navigation requiring little to no human input or oversight
  • Daimler’s fleet platform handles backend logistics, and in the future it will allow ride-hailing partners to integrate autonomous vehicles from a range of manufacturers

3.  Waymo’s Driverless Car: Ghost-Riding In The Back Seat Of A Robot Taxi

  • vehicle drives more assertively than it has in previous trips, breezing past construction sites at 45 mph with barely a twitch and nudging its way into intersections in a way that feels less robotic than it has in the past
  • It is also entirely mundane, as any 15-minute ride-hailing trip through suburban America in 2019 would be
  • Waymo has a team of remote employees that watch the real-time feeds of each vehicle’s eight cameras and can help

4. Health Chatbots Are Proliferating, And VCs Love Them

  • Over the past several quarters, venture investors have ploughed hundreds of millions into an assortment of companies developing health chatbots
  • these primarily mobile apps can diagnose ailments, track symptoms, offer therapeutic advice, and connect people with appropriate medical professionals
  • investors have put more than $800 million to work across at least 14 known startups developing some sort of health chatbot offering

5. Volocopter awarded key designation by European aviation safety regulator

  • announced plans this year to produce a cargo version of its vehicle designed for hauling goods
  • also revealed it’ll be doing a pilot of that vehicle in partnership with John Deere  focused on testing its use in agriculture
  • also moving ahead with its plans for an “air taxi” version that’s meant to transport people in urban environments