August 5 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By August 4, 2019 Insight

1. Private equity exit excellence: Getting the story right

  • While a successful exit has many elements, a clear and evidence-backed equity story detailing the asset’s potential may be the most important
  • Timing is important and increases the need to promote operational value in the business before exiting to minimize impact of the economic cycle
  • Every description of an asset’s performance should include a comprehensive view of details of the business, its fundamental value proposition to customers, and the asset’s financial profile

2. Pinterest spikes 17% as monthly active users top 300 million for the first time

  • Shares of Pinterest soared 17% in early trading on Friday after the social network reported second-quarter earnings that pleased Wall Street
  • Pinterest reported that monthly active users, one of the most important metrics for analysts and investors, surpassed 300 million for the first time
  • The company also posted $261 million in revenue, a 62% increase from the same period last year

3.  VW wants to test robotic EV chargers for self-driving cars

  • idea is to build facilities where self-driving electric vehicles can recharge without human intervention
  • A robotic arm attached to a 150kW DC fast charger would perform the task of plugging into the car’s charge port
  • If the future is electric autonomous taxis prowling the streets of major cities, then VW believes the concept should be extended to the charging infrastructure as well

4. Digitizing construction sites with Scaled Robotics

  • Approximately 20% of construction costs are wrapped up in fixing errors…Scaled Robotics wants to minimize the rework by automating progress monitoring with autonomous mobile robots
  • Leveraging lidar and autonomous vehicle technology (similar to what’s used by Google cars to map the world), Scaled Robotics built a WALL-E doppelgänger to navigate and build maps of construction sites by fusing images, video and data captured by its robots
  • High-resolution comparison of the digital model to the on-the-ground build site that helps build managers keep close track of progress and spot problems before they can scale into costly expenses

5. Now even funerals are livestreamed

  • One funeral home director estimates nearly 20% of US funeral homes now offer streaming
  • In a culture obsessed with tweeting and Instagramming every moment of life, it’s little surprise that streaming extends to death…Tech-savvy entrepreneurs offer livestreaming as a service to hesitant funeral directors
  • tens of thousands of viewers watch OneRoom streams each month, including thousands rewatching funerals they attended or previously viewed