August 29 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By August 28, 2019 Insight

1. The BBC is developing a voice assistant, code named ‘Beeb’

  • the digital voice assistant will launch next year without any proprietary hardware to house it…designing the software to work on “all smart speakers, TVs and mobiles
  • BBC has something those tech giant rivals lack…easy access to a massive news and entertainment archive to draw on to design voice assistants that could serve up beloved personalities as a service
  • BBC is coming at the voice assistant concept from the other way ’round: Viewing it as a modern mouthpiece for piping out more of its programming

2. Farmbot delivering remote watering solutions to Aussie farmers

  • water monitoring Software-as-a-Service solution, which is supported through Pivotel’s satellite Internet of Things technology, provides farmers with remote water monitoring data and insights for farmers
  • sits on top of a water source, such as a water tank or dam, and delivers near real-time, event-driven reports to farmers when algorithms detect abnormal behaviour
  • Farmers can also use the data to compare the tracking of water levels on their farms year-on-year, removing any unnecessary guess work

3.  The next phase of retail: Adidas is turning influencers into sneaker salespeople

  • new partnership with a social commerce app called Storr that boasts the ability to let anyone open a store from their phone in just three clicks
  • Instead of relying on people to find the right place to buy Adidas after seeing something they like on someone’s feed, this could remove some barriers by letting them buy it right away
  • “If we want to truly be consumer obsessed and live up to the things we say, we have to find the spaces [where] consumers already are and engage with them in innovative ways to become aware of, consider, and purchase our brand in a more seamless way.”

4. Peloton files publicly for IPO

  • Peloton reported $915 million in total revenue for the year ending June 30, 2019, an increase of 110% from $435 million in fiscal 2018 and $218.6 million in 2017
  • company says 58 million workouts were completed by Peloton users in fiscal 2019, while its paying subscriber base reached an all-time high of 511,202…As for subscription revenue, Peloton reports $181 million for fiscal 2019, up from $80 million last year
  • In total, Peloton has raised $994 million in venture capital funding…Goldman Sachs & Co. and J.P. Morgan Securities are managing the IPO as lead underwriters

5. 8 office icebreakers that won’t make you cringe

  • 3 things in 3 minutes…Ideo recommends this exercise for when you want to “break down barriers…partner up, preferably with someone they don’t know well…find three things they have in common, in as many minutes
  • Design a scavenger hunt…little more time-intensive…The Muse points out, for new employees, it can be a quick way to get up to speed on company history or where to find the free food
  • Anita Hossain used to run the Knowledge program at VC firm First Round Capital…One of her go-to activities for building empathy and trust is to have people share a bit about themselves with their neighbor for two minutes—then have them do it again, but tell the story differently