August 12 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By August 12, 2019 Insight

1. 3D-printing organs moves a few more steps closer to commercialization

  • New successes in printing vascular tissue from living cells point to the accelerating pace of development of 3D printing tissue — and eventually the ability to manufacture organs from small samples of cells
  • The printed structures, a combination of living cells and hydrogels are designed to provide a sort of scaffolding that an animal’s own cells can build on
  • The drug discovery applications alone are a multi-billion dollar market…but the company is focused on its goal of fully transplantable 3D printed organs, starting with kidneys

2. Nike’s app powers Foot Locker’s new NYC store

  • it has developed an in-house consulting company focused on understanding youth culture, which will inform its own strategies while also providing counsel to outside brands looking to better target sneakerheads
  • Nike is loading up the store with its proprietary technology that will allow members of its loyalty club to scan barcodes in their Nike app to get a chance to buy in-demand or exclusive products in-store
  • By creating massive, entertaining stores that showcase the hottest new products, they’re betting they’ll lure customers back in

3.  Last-Mile Delivery: eCommerce’s Future Depends On Innovation In Package Delivery

  • The average US household receives one package every three days
  • As online retail sales rise, so will package shipments, resulting in an array of challenges and higher costs for retailers, carriers, and even consumers
  • Alternatives to home delivery such as click-and-collect are not only more convenient for consumers but also eliminate the potential costs of redelivery or misplaced orders for retailers and carriers

4. Astronauts playing video games could save lives in space

  • Using a host of video game technologies, some of which employ the latest VR headsets and others that run on standard screens, surgeons and first-responders are able to practice all sorts of procedures without harming real patients
  • TRISH grant will enable Level Ex to create simulations that improve astronauts’ abilities to respond to and handle medical emergencies in space, taking into account gravity’s impact on the human body and the long delays in communication between the flight crew and the ground
  • “With half a million medical professionals already playing our medical games, we’re eager to apply the work we’ve done to another critically important area of healthcare,”

5. What’s next in gaming? Here are 3 trends to watch in this massive and growing industry

  • Netflix frequently talks about how they “compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.”…Netflix is the market leader in the $23 billion video streaming market, but gaming is a $150 billion-plus market without one dominant platform or storefront
  • Last week, Roblox announced that they had reached a milestone of 100 million monthly active users, compared to Minecraft which has 91 million monthly users…kids spend 2.5X more time on Roblox than YouTube
  • Every time there is a big esports event, the media likes to cover the crazy stories like the 16-year-old who won $3 million at the Fortnite World Cup…real story (and money) is in the entertainment side of the business and the unique, emotional experiences of watching and participating in an activity