August 1 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By July 31, 2019 Insight

1. Want to Own Kawhi’s Jump Shot? NBA and CryptoKitties Maker Launch Digital Collectibles

  • Instead of a physical card, what fans will own is a clip of video that’s been converted into a unique digital token and inscribed on a blockchain
  • Owning the tokens will also allow fans to participate in an upcoming fantasy league of sorts—pitting their collection of digital players against other teams
  • All of this will be driven by blockchain technology, which creates a permanent tamper-proof ledger of property and transactions

2. Nvidia’s GauGAN has been used to create 500,000 images

  • GauGAN, a generative adversarial AI system that lets users create lifelike landscape images that never existed
  • machine learning model underpinning GauGAN was trained on more than one million images from Flickr, imbuing it with an understanding of the relationships among over 180 objects
  • Elsewhere, generative machine learning models have been used to produce realistic videos by watching YouTube clips, create images and storyboards from natural language captions, and animate and sync facial movement with audio clips containing human speech

3.  Space robots remotely controlled in VR

  • SE4 has rolled out a promising new operating system to remotely operate robots, such as those increasingly used in construction or disaster recover
  • One of the big looming use cases for the technology might also be in space, where robots will soon explore and even build structures on other planets
  • user essentially carries out what they want the robot to do, and the system’s AI then works backwards to develop specific instructions that are transmitted to the robot

4. Hyperloop project in India inches closer to reality

  • Officials in Maharashtra have named Virgin Hyperloop One and its partner shipping giant DP World as the originators of the multibillion-dollar infrastructure project
  • formal bidding process for building a Pune-to-Mumbai hyperloop, projected to link the two cities in under 35 minutes (rather than a 3.5-hour trip by car)
  • Virgin Hyperloop One has a test facility in the desert north of Las Vegas, where it has repeatedly sent its magnetically levitating pod through a nearly airless tube at speeds of up to 240 mph (370 km/h)

5. DeepMind touts predictive healthcare AI ‘breakthrough’ trained on heavily skewed data

  • surface read of the paper raises some major caveats…Not least that the data used to train the model skews overwhelmingly male: 93.6%
  • For the model to be applicable to a general population, future research is needed, using a more representative sample of the general population in the data that the model is derived from
  • what DeepMind’s ‘breakthrough’ research paper neatly underlines is the reflective relationship between AI outputs and training inputs