April 9 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 9, 2019 Insight

1. Venture Capital In Q1 2019

  • just under $75 billion was invested in almost 8,100 funding rounds, worldwide…down from highs set in Q4 2018
  • 8,097 deals were struck in Q1 2019 worldwide, down 3 percent from last quarter, but up 6 percent from last year
  • roughly $74.96 billion was invested across all stages, down a considerable 19 percent from last quarter’s global highs

2. GM, BMW Back Blockchain Data Sharing For Self-Driving Cars

  • bid to unlock valuable data held in silos which will ultimately get autonomous vehicles on the road
  • next MOBI working group on so-called autonomous vehicle data markets (AVDM) will be chaired by General Motors
  • getting to the stage where AVs are safe in all conditions could take hundreds of billions of self-driven miles

3. This digital ledger helps small farmers get a fair deal

  • Instead of cash, each farmer received a digital payment through BanQu’s blockchain platform
  • tracks and stores what volume of goods were delivered, the quality of those goods, and what price-per-pound that yield commanded
  • Eliminating large cash transactions also lowers the risk of that money being stolen

4. Private Bank Kleinwort Hambros Launches Blockchain Exchange-Traded Note

  • new derivative is available for a minimum investment of £1,000
  • include 20 companies which are expected to profit from blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) adoption
  • companies that make up the ETN reportedly come from the technology, shipping, oil and gas, custody banking and industrials industries

5. Scaling A Company While Controlling Costs

  • costs of scaling a company in the bay area, NYC, and many other startup regions in the US has escalated
  • encouraged our portfolio companies that are located in these high cost regions to build out secondary locations
  • have a secondary location outside of the US, where talent can be hired a much lower cost than the US