April 5 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 5, 2019 Insight

1. Femtech’s billion-dollar year

  • defined as any software, diagnostics, products and services that leverage technology to improve women’s health
  • greatly surpassing last year’s record of $650 million…brought in only $62 million in 2012, $225 million in 2014 and $231 million in 2016
  • way in which the VC world is structured…difficult to understand the value of a product you aren’t ever going to use or to understand a problem you aren’t ever going to have

2. Amazon’s first HIPAA-compliant Alexa 

  • use the voice assistant to take care of sensitive medical issues
  • making an “HIPAA eligible environment” available to Alexa developers…can expect other skills that transmit sensitive health data
  • major step for voice assistants, but not unexpected from a company that has been pushing aggressively into healthcare

3. A Record $2.5B Went to U.S. Insurance Startup Deals Last Year, And Big Insurers Are In All The Way

  • While other industries fall prey to the forces of creative disruption, giant insurers have largely managed to remain giant and profitable
  • surprisingly large portion of funding is coming from the corporate venture arms of the very same giant insurance companies startups are trying to disrupt
  • As for M&A, we haven’t seen a lot of big insurance startup acquisitions

4. 3D printing is quietly transforming an unexpected industry: museums

  • American Museum of Natural History has asked students to digitize, print, and assemble dinosaur bones and identify species like palaeontologists do
  • enabling people to learn, enjoy, and better appreciate cultural heritage through multi-sensory experiences
  • power of digitally fabricated replicas also lies in their digital nature…can easily be stored, edited, and shared across the world

5. Jeff Bezos and Amazon Propose Space-Based Internet Service to Compete With SpaceX and OneWeb

  • Amazon filed with the International Telecommunications Union for permission to put 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit
  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX, for example, plans to put 12,000 satellites in low Earth orbit
  • Amazon and most other new entrants plan to use orbits at low as 1,200 miles for satellites that are smaller than washing machines