April 4 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 4, 2019 Insight

1.  Central Banks Becoming Leaders in Blockchain Experimentation, Says World Economic Forum

  • Bank of France has fully replaced its centralized process for the provisioning and sharing of SEPA Credit Identifiers (SCIs) with a decentralized, blockchain-based solution
  • employment of a decentralized database and functionality to enable faster, more efficient and more inclusive trade financing…Central banks exploring this include the Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • The National Bank of Cambodia will be one of the first countries to deploy blockchain technology in its national payments system for use by consumers and commercial banks

2. Inside Ikea’s plan to reinvent itself as a circular company

  • already started testing interest in a subscription-like model for furniture in a few locations
  • testing a package that rents university students a set of basic furniture
  • As the company looks at how to handle each product’s life cycle differently, it’s also rethinking its design

3. 10 Principles of Modern Marketing

  • imperative that marketers embrace developments in technology and test and adopt new advancements that fit their business
  • reality of customer-brand relationships today is that they have evolved from single, interspersed interactions to always-on, symbiotic, and immersive relationships
  • research showing that companies that successfully manage to integrate creativity and data report a “two-times difference in revenue growth”

4. Accenture acquires Droga5 as it continues to meld technology, data, content and marketing

  • aims to reinvent the agency model as it blends data, technology and creative to woo CMOs
  • Accenture Interactive is an effort to reinvent the traditional ad agency by combining technology and consulting with marketing as enterprises take on digital transformation
  • easier for consulting firms with data and technology expertise to buy their way into creative shops than for ad agencies to get into systems integration

5. 61% of Major Global Digital Firms Invest in Blockchain

  • most decision makers have preferred to invest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies
  • Out of total 1,050 decision makers, 90 percent claimed that their companies are working on formal digital transformation and investing in at least one of the aforementioned technologies
  • International Data Corporation predicted that global blockchain spending will account for almost $2.9 billion in 2019, which is an 88.7 percent increase from 2018