April 26 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 26, 2019 Insight

1. Five moves to make during a digital transformation

  • successful digital and analytics transformations are about 1.5 times more likely than others to be enterprise-wide in scale
  • Along with the need for adaptable transformation targets, flexible talent allocation is a differentiator in a transformation’s success
  • Successful organizations are more likely to employ agile ways of working during their transformations

2. Internet connectivity projects unite as Alphabet spinout Loon grabs $125M from SoftBank’s HAPSMobile

  • HAPSMobile…has developed a solar-powered drone that’s designed to deliver 5G connectivity
  • Loon…was one of the first projects to go after the idea of air-based connectivity with a launch in 2013
  • balloons have flown more than 30 million kms and provided internet access for “hundreds of thousands” of people across the world

3. Walmart’s AI-based store concept is open to the public

  • location uses computer vision and a vast array of cameras…to help employees restock empty shelves and corral shopping carts
  • tries to humanize the technology through an interactive display that mimics the behavior of passers-by
  • keeps data for less than a week, so there won’t be a permanent record of shopping activity

4. IBM to Apply Blockchain Tech to Lenovo’s Data Centers

  • IBM, а top global developer of blockchain patents after Alibaba, will apply blockchain technology in the customer service processes
  • use blockchain tech to monitor supply chains of hardware and software used in its data centers
  • Recently…IBM was awarded a patent for a mobile data sharing method that uses distributed ledger technology

5. Samsung SDS launches Nexledger Universal, the next version of enterprise blockchain platform

  • customers can develop application services such as user authentication, payment settlement, and proof of originality
  • available as platform as a service (PaaS) in the Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, allowing customers to experience it in cloud environment without the need for separate server and application installation
  • reduce the time and resources required for securing blockchain developers and verifying the technology…business innovation through blockchain technology can be achieved conveniently