April 25 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 25, 2019 Insight

1. Big brands dive into esports to court youth market: Nielsen

  • 39 percent of brand exposure in esports’ competitive video game broadcasts coming from non-gaming related companies
  • 61 percent of esports viewers on Twitch, a main platform for watching esports streams, do not watch television on a weekly basis
  • PepsiCo’s Doritos…sponsored a “Doritos Bowl” hosted by Twitch for a Call of Duty battle royale tournament…Fans watched nearly 550,000 combined hours of that tournament

2. Airbnb wants to create TV shows to convince people to travel more

  • building its own TV studio to produce short films, documentaries, and shows that it can use to promote travel and, by extension, its platform
  • company, which is valued at more than $30 billion and poised to go public either this year or next
  • ambitions of being a holistic, end-to-end travel company — like a travel agency, booking platform, and tourism guide rolled into one

3. The world’s largest drone delivery network is launching in Ghana

  • will serve 2,000 health centers and 12 million people, making as many as 600 flights a day
  • Zipline’s regular drone delivery began in Rwanda in 2016, has flown more than 1 million kilometers to date
  • making sure that every single person in the country ideally can be within a 15-minute delivery of any essential medical product

4. Momentus seeks up to $25 million as it inks deals to transport cargo beyond low Earth orbit

  • can deliver 300 kilograms or 400 kilograms within low Earth orbit and up to 100 kilograms to a lunar orbit…for a cost of around $4.8 million
  • radically cheaper than solutions that are currently on offer…uses rockets from any of the big private vendors to get its vessels into space and from there its own propulsion technologies and spacecrafts
  • solves one of the major problems for the new space industry…Big rockets under development from SpaceX…aren’t great for depositing cargo at different points in space

5. Civic Inks Deal to Bring Blockchain ID to 1,000 Vending Machines

  • Vending machines represent an introduction to the mass market, where people can see how digital identity functions in the real world
  • verification will rely on document scans (of a driver’s license, in most cases) to confirm age and identity as the rollout takes place
  • another area that the company hopes to move into: pharmaceuticals…many users need frequently (for example, asthma medication, insulin or prescription antihistamines) that require identity verification