April 24 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 25, 2019 Insight

1.Alphabet’s Wing drones get FAA approval to make deliveries in the US

  • can start making deliveries in Virginia in the coming months, where it plans to deliver goods from local businesses
  • process is likely to be a lot quicker for future drone delivery companies now that the regulator has worked out which airline rules are appropriate for drone operators
  • competitors could include Amazon’s Prime Air, which has yet to launch

2. Next generation technologies and the future of trade

  • Today the next generation of technologies will reshape trade flows and global value chains again
  • digital platforms, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, will continue to reduce transaction and logistics costs, thereby fuelling trade
  • cross-border B2C e-commerce sales alone will reach approximately $1 trillion by 2020

3. 3 Takeaways From Tesla’s Autonomy Day Event

  • by the mid-2020, he expects more than 1 million Tesla vehicles to have its autonomous driving technology ready
  • Tesla plans to jump into the ride-hailing market to compete with Uber and Lyft
  • strategy is to enlist existing Tesla owners to add their vehicles to Tesla’s network of ride-hailing cars

4. Quobyte’s TensorFlow plug-in speeds machine learning

  • providing increased throughput performance and linear scalability for ML-powered applications
  • resulting increased GPU utilization from the TensorFlow plug-in speeds up model training of ML workflows
  • transition to a digital civilization, data growth will continue to be exponential for decades

5. Amazon’s in-garage delivery service is now open for business

  • Key for Garage, as it’s known, extends the broader Amazon Key service
  • allows delivery drivers to leave packages in customers’ homes while they’re out
  • Amazon expanded this service to car trunks last year