April 22 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 22, 2019 Insight

1. Dodging Digital Blind Spots

  • developing a digital mindset is a more complex challenge because it is a less tangible one to address
  • most important leadership requirement in the digital economy is providing clarity of purpose, vision, and strategy
  • If we fail to get beyond just talking about building agile systems and processes…we could easily develop cultural blind spots by growing increasingly out of touch

2. Toyota leads $1B investment in Uber’s self-driving tech

  • $667 million from Toyota and Denso, with an additional $333 million coming from SoftBank
  • will enable us to commercialize safer, lower cost automated ridesharing vehicles and services
  • In August 2018…signed a $500 million deal to integrate Uber’s autonomous tech into Toyota Sienna minivans, which will operate through Uber’s ride-hailing network at some future date

3. Beyond the Clicks: Getting the Most out of Big Data

  • use customer-specific data to try to predict what sorts of products a customer might be interested in and then use that to make personalized product recommendations
  • instead…large amount of data from a closely related outcome, which is what we call proxy outcomes
  • hospital will think that a particular patient metric is important to focus on in terms of care quality…ends up not being relevant to patient mortality because of various biases

4. 8 actions to introduce enterprise AI and robotic process automation in a human way

  • Organizations need to build cultures that evolve as technology is added
  • By creating a small internal start-up…new unit is unburdened from the procedures and risk checking that comes with formal oversight
  • As algorithms are unable to conceptualize in a general context, human oversight remains critical

5. Volkswagen Joins IBM-Backed Blockchain Platform for Cobalt Supply Chains

  • new platform…aims to ensure major companies can “trace and record the flow of minerals across the supply chain in near real-time.”
  • LG Chem and the Ford Motor Company are among the other multinational corporations to have joined the platform so far
  • registered manufacturers stand to benefit…will help improve logistics while reducing costs