April 2 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 1, 2019 Insight

1.  Time To Rethink Channel Incentives And Program Management (CIPM)?

  • Modern incentive programs are experimenting with non-monetary rewards, micropayments, and gamification
  • estimated by CompTIA, the world’s largest IT association, that 75% of the channel will be comprised of millennials by 2024
  • With the buying journey changing at the exact same time, this will be tricky and advanced tools and technology will be needed to match the customer journey with the partner journey in real-time.

2. The 3 V’s of Big Data Analytics

  • data around the world doubles in size every two years…3% of the data is organized, with only 0.5% is ready for analysis
  • While there’s still a place for text data, there are other forms of data presentation that are more convenient…video, audio, geospatial, images, and many others come into play.
  • With over 90% of today’s data being generated in the past 2 years, that estimates to 2.5 quintillion data bytes daily.

3. This free AI reads X-rays as well as doctors

  • could diagnose 14 diseases with 80% accuracy–in other words, about as well as a real radiologist
  • all thanks to open-source AI that runs inside your web browser…Because it runs in the browser we don’t have to run servers to process each image
  • even if AI doesn’t outright replace doctors, or the cost of medical visits, having free tools that can be used anywhere in the world should improve diagnosis and treatment

4. Researchers Make Record-Breaking 13,000 CRISPR Edits in a Single Cell

  • Instead of cutting DNA, the base editor replaces genetic letters. This removed the damaging effects to the double helix
  • eventual objective is to create supplies of human organs or tissues whose genomes are revised so they are immune to all viruses
  • That process, called recoding, would involve about 9,811 precise genetic modifications

5. Luxury Trends To Watch In 2019

  • development of AR/VR solutions that upgrade the shopping experience and solve some customer pain
  • growth of Instagram as a luxury shopping platform and maybe even early forays offline
  • AI is making its way into fashion, from chatbots for customer service to personalized marketing and more