April 18 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 18, 2019 Insight

1. Harvard Medical School’s AI estimates protein structures up to a million times faster than previous methods

  • machine learning method…to discover the relationships between a protein sequence and its structure
  • AI system outperformed all other methods …leapfrogged all but the best models that made use of preexisting templates
  • made its predictions…in milliseconds, or around six to seven orders of magnitude faster than prior art, which can take hours

2. Shared electric scooter rides accounted for 45.8% of all micromobility trips in 2018

  • In 2018, of the 84 million micromobility trips taken, 38.5 million of those were on scooters
  • Compared to the year prior, more than twice as many trips were taken on micromobility services
  • most successful shared micromobility systems have been planned hand-in-hand with cities

3. Accenture and Generali Employee Benefits Apply Blockchain Technology

  • first-of-its-kind blockchain solution for the employee benefits (EB) industry
  • prototype demonstrated significant results — lowering costs, saving time and improving data quality for all stakeholders
  • Transactions and records are stored in a ledger that is distributed among interested parties, creating a level of transparency, security and trust not previously possible.

4. Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies

  • total corporate and government spending on blockchain should hit $2.9 billion in 2019
  • increase of 89% over the previous year, and reach $12.4 billion by 2022
  • PwC surveyed 600 execs last year, 84% said their companies are involved with blockchain

5. Microsoft, Ethereum Group Launch Token-Building Kit for Enterprises

  • help businesses design and create the right sort of crypto tokens for their particular needs
  • business person can create a token visually using a design tool that does not involve writing any code
  • we tell people when using the framework is to leave the technology baggage at the door