April 17 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 17, 2019 Insight

1. First U.S. Patients Treated With CRISPR As Human Gene-Editing Trials Get Underway

  • a technology that allows scientists to make very precise modifications to DNA
  • CRISPR study that had been approved for cancer at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia has finally started
  • involves removing immune system cells from patients, genetically modifying them in the lab and infusing the modified cells back into the body

2. Juniper Research: Blockchain Cross-border Transactions

  • number of cross-border transactions recorded on the blockchain will surge to 1.3 billion by 2023
  • value of transactions recorded on the blockchain will thus reach an unprecedented $3.4 trillion
  • banks stand to save close to $27 billion a year by 2030 through blockchain implementation

3. Innovate Your Business Model To Drive An Experience Advantage

  • In the crowded global marketplace, unserved markets are often discovered by taking a fresh look at customer demographics and segmentation
  • By pivoting away from their existing pay-for-play business model, Uber has returned value to its customers in the form of flat rates while increasing its stickiness for the user base
  • Pivot toward a favorable market, technology trend, or regulation

4. Rebooting your stalled digital transformation in oil and gas

  • disconnect among the solutions you are building, the needs of your end users, and your business goals
  • However well your minimum viable product runs in a “sandbox,” moving it into full production is a challenge of a different order, and requires scalable access to data before it can deliver value
  • To realize the potential of a transformation, organizations need to move on from traditional working methods, review established mechanisms, and foster an experimental mind-set

5. What Corporate Food VCs Are Serving Up

  • Corporate food-tech investors have long been interested in the processing technologies that turn an obscure microbe or under-appreciated crop into a high-demand ingredient
  • Several of the most heavily-funded, buzz-generating companies in the food space are applying fermentation
  • corporate food-tech investors are also putting money into technologies and platforms aimed at boosting the security and efficiency of existing supply chains