April 15 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 15, 2019 Insight

1. Trade Organization ICC Eyes Blockchain Adoption for Its 45 Million Members

  • available to its 45 million members, including Amazon, Coca Cola, Fedex, McDonald’s and PayPal
  • help members spread across 130 countries to connect to Perlin’s blockchain platform
  • focus on “practical, efficient and scalable blockchain traceability and transparency systems for value chains

2. McKinsey’s approach to transformation

  • only 30 percent of transformations actually deliver on their targets
  • can take an idea and develop it into something that shows up on the P&L statement or the balance sheet
  • not just focused on performance and numbers…also looking at organizational health

3. Large businesses don’t have to be lousy innovators

  • difference between a Blockbuster and an IBM is the ability of leaders to sustain and rejuvenate the innovation capacity of their companies
  • can hedge their bets, tap deep reservoirs of talent, navigate regulatory agencies, and use their huge distribution networks and strong brands to roll out new products to millions of existing customers
  • leaders need to map and clarify their options for both product and business-model innovation

4. OpenAI’s Dota 2 AI steamrolls world champion e-sports team

  • trained using the same deep reinforcement learning techniques and controlled independently by different layers of the same system
  • Reinforcement learning is effectively a trial and error approach to self-improvement, wherein the AI is dropped into the game environment with zero understanding of how the game works
  • we didn’t code it how to play…coded it how to learn

5. Blockstack Files With SEC to Raise $50 Million in Reg-A+ Crypto Token Sale

  • raise capital through the U.S. securities markets via a subsidiary
  • Regulation A+ exemption enables equity crowdfunding campaigns to offer and sell securities to U.S. investors
  • can initiate a Regulation A+ offering by filing an offering statement with the SEC