April 12 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By April 12, 2019 Insight

1. Robot deliveries will change the way consumers shop

  • celebrating 50,000 commercial deliveries this week in 100 cities around the world
  • customer behavior is called “top up” shopping, and it pairs well with delivery robots
  • Top up shopping is crucial to customer adoption of the robot delivery concept

2. World’s Second-Largest Grocer Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain

  • digital system for tracking and tracing food between retailers and suppliers
  • ability to rapidly pinpoint a dodgy batch of produce and surgically remove those tainted goods
  • more than 500,000 traces have been conducted on the platform to date

3. Uber kicks off its bid to become a public company

  • seeking a valuation of between $90 billion and $100 billion
  • controlling over 60 percent of the US market and logging billions of rides all over the world
  • aims to also have autonomous vehicles and electric aircraft available on its platform

4. How companies can help midlevel managers navigate agile transformations

  • ease their concerns about what the transformation could mean for their roles and career prospects
  • elevate employees who demonstrate the competencies associated with effective leadership
  • make career paths and compensation scales clear, simple, transparent—and fair

5. Graduate student was behind algorithms that helped capture the first picture of a black hole

  • needed stitch together millions of gigabytes’ worth of data captured by telescopes
  • developed ways to generate synthetic data and used different algorithms and tested blindly
  • wanted to develop many different algorithms that all have different assumptions built into them